You Can’t Get There from Here.

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You Can’t Get There from Here.

You Can’t Get There from Here.

By Jen Smith

The other day I found myself sitting about sixth row floor at the United Nations in Manhattan.  I was listening to the most prominent figures in the world peace movement, from around the world, speak about their visions and progress.  Wow.  How does a once beat down addicted, abused woman get lifted up to a place like that?  Looking sharp in a new BCBG jacket to boot!  I often think of the saying ‘Can’t get there from here’ when I think about the transformation my life has undergone.

Great exciting things are happening.  As far as the book project I have connected with a great agent that’s interested in my project and her highly recommended editor who has edited eight New York Times best sellers.  Again, Wow!  I’m blown away that my book project has reached this caliber of people in the industry.  The editor read my book and is interested in working with me.  For the book to go to formal publishing it needs a big revamping.  This is a huge undertaking which I will do in the future but not now.  Not now because of other very exciting developments in my life.

I have accepted a position and I’m going to begin to build a wealth management business.  This is exciting and scary as any new venture can be.  I have been managing money for friends and family very successfully for a number of years now and I’m going to make it all official.  As part of this venture I envision educating women about budgeting, finance, and investing through written articles and presenting at seminars.  I am so ready for this new venture in my professional life!

Another new exciting venture is Web Presence Consulting.  I have studied and read everything I could get my hands on around web presence and social networking and have helped a few folks with the knowledge I’ve gained.  I’m now formally consulting and finished my first big project for a famous sculptor. Check out the results.  This is an absolute blast for me and I’m good at it.  From this project I gained another client, an art dealer in Newport.  More clients will come I can just feel it.

inner-peaceFull of gratitude I think again- you can’t get here from there.  But you can!  With the help of a fellowship, higher power, and determination to pick yourself up and keep reaching higher every day, you and I can better our lives!

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  1. Good stuff, Jen. Congrats on all the fabulous opportunities!

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