No Complaining

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No Complaining

by Jen Smith:

I’ve been reading Joe Vitale’s new book ‘The Awakening Course’.  I’m always up for a new trick or two to help me be happy.  Happiness and feeling good has been a life long endeavor for me.  Drugs and alcohol used to be my only source of feeling good, ‘Better living through chemistry’ was my motto.  Selecting the right mix of drugs, the right amounts, in the right order was an art form I took very seriously, until drugs completely stopped working and nearly destroyed my life.  But my pursuit of happiness hasn’t stopped.  Now I read self-help books, work on my recovery, and keep an open mind to any kind of new age hooped up wacked out suggestion about being happy.  So in Joe’s book, not that he’s wacked out, he suggests that I make a commitment to not complaining for thirty days.  Well I’m a pretty positive person so I figure I can do this.  It’s a lot tougher than I imagined

I was really serious about this attempt to not complain for thirty days, so I put it out there to my friends on Facebook and challenged them to call me out if they heard me complaining.  Shortly after I made this deep commitment to an endeavor I was sure would heighten my awareness of my thoughts enabling me to carefully and particularly discard the negative in my brain before it was spewed out to the world, my teenage son came downstairs.

  The downstairs in our house is what I call ‘command central’.  There are several computers, a TV, video games, and musical instruments, often with too many media outlets and screens going all at the same time.  So as I’m comfortable and quietly clicking away at my lap top, my son comes in and puts on the TV, loudly, and sits at the desk and turns on the desktop.

“The TV is way too loud it’s annoying, please turn it down!” Opps, the first thing out of my mouth and it’s a complaint!  He begins to play one of his war games on the desk top next to where I’m sitting and his computer obnoxiously start bellowing out noises of death. Ooooos and screams of dying people coupled with the sound of their squished beaten bodies and let’s not forget the constant gun fire and explosions.  I just wasn’t on the spiritual beam that day I guess, and from my mouth spewed more complaints about the sound.  Yikes!  What’s happening?  I stopped myself.  No more complaining, I thought.

The next day I did much better but I was in a cube only interacting with technology.

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