If acceptance is the answer I’m not asking the right question.

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If acceptance is the answer I’m not asking the right question.

by Jen Smith:

I’m supposed to accept everything in my life at this moment as exactly the way it’s supposed to be.  But I don’t want to.  There are parts that I don’t particularly like and I can rationalize quite well around my perceived notion that these things are not the way they are supposed to be.  Unfortunately I also believe that my resistance to the moment being as is, and lack of acceptance, prolongs and increases my suffering.  So what’s a girl to do?

Yes it’s perplexing.  I’ve been trying to do things that feel good (besides drugs) like playing music, exercising, being around my son, these things do help but life obligations (my sentence in the cube) don’t give me much time to do these things.  I know I’m supposed to meditate but it’s really hard and I don’t allow myself the time to do it.  I do meditate in yoga thank goodness.  And yes I’m extremely blessed to be able to take yoga during lunch at work.  Really it all comes down to my perception and my thoughts.

I just started a new book for my book club called Deadly Emotions.  It’s written by a doctor and the premise is the fact that stress and negativity in your life is the leading factor in health issues.  I know this and believe the scientific studies I’ve read that prove this but sometimes I forget that the ruminating negative bullshit I allow in my head not only makes me grumpy and unhappy but may very well kill me.  Yes that’s harsh but true and I needed to have this thrown in my face right now.  The thing about negativity and stress is most likely you won’t just keel over from a heart attack, although some do, more likely is that you will come down with a long term debilitating disease that lingers and causes even more suffering.  Yikes!

So again, am I ready to accept what’s in front of me today and be okay with the way things are.  This includes forgiving anyone who bothers me and steering away from people who bring me down or spew negativity.  Yes, I’m a little more willing today then yesterday thanks to this recent reminder that health, happiness and well being are a holistic mind body and spirit threesome that must work together.  Now repeat after me- a positive affirmation to start the day- I am peaceful, I am loved.  Today is a blessing, thank you universe for your enlightenment and abundance.  Thank you for yoga at lunch!  Thank you for my friends who I will think about in an outpouring of love because love it bliss!

Have a great day everybody!


  1. Spot on! Maybe yoga will provide me some more insight….

  2. All your writings are very well thought out and the prosses of all your very well put together writings has in some ways gotta be emotional on many levels… I enjoy reading all you have to shear,very well done… Off this topic,I most recently had been approved to market all my Poems and poetry in getting card fashions at the Christian Book Store… On the 26 I am going to have paper documents signd and for the first year all precedes will be donated back to the store… My own photos to go along with my words as well as my Owen art,very time consuming,it isn’t going to happen all over night but,it is in the beginning stages… Any advice you can give would be great…. wm.

    • Best of luck to you William. How exciting that your words will be shared.

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