About the book SICK

Version II, revamped with Christine Pride, editor of eight New York Times best sellers, now available!


Behind the suburban mom…

Behind the successful businesswoman…

Is a dark past you would never suspect.

Today, Jen Smith is a typical single mom in the ‘burbs, racing to pick up her son from basketball practice, preparing for Cub Scouts and volunteering at the school’s ice cream social.  But fifteen years ago her life was a very different story.

With the income earned from her small time pot growing business, Jen spent her twenties happily following the Grateful Dead around the country with her beloved dog, JJ and a lively community of deadhead friends.  Then she met Greg, whose charisma and swagger eclipsed his prison record.  The two quickly developed both a whirlwind romance and a thriving drug operation.  Savvy and unsuspecting, Greg and Jen became major operators with connections to powerful Mexicans, moving thousands of pounds of marijuana across the country and amassing over a million dollars in a few years.  Theirs was a high-risk, high stakes lifestyle and a daily adrenalin rush.  Their wealth afforded them exciting, extravagant luxuries:  lavish vacations to Hawaii, Costa Rica and Jamaica.  But there was a darker side as well as the two fell deeper and deeper into ravaging cocaine, meth and alcohol addiction, and as Greg became increasingly unstable and violent. When Jen gets pregnant and has a healthy baby boy, she knows she can’t continue on this dangerous and soul-crushing path.  But knowing that and getting out are two different things.  Especially when your crack-addicted boyfriend routinely points a loaded gun at your head.

Riveting and fast-paced, SICK follows Jen’s harrowing descent into addiction and domestic violence and lifts the curtain to reveal a twisted world few of us could imagine. But SICK is ultimately a story of survival and resilience, of what happens when one woman says, enough and fights to change her life, for her sake and her son’s…before it’s too late.